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How fast my order will be shipped?

Usually, we ship on the next business day.

What is your delivery time?

We ship via DHL Express service. Usually, you should receive your order within 4 business days.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept Paypal. We also accept payment cards via Paypal (you are NOT obliged to have a Paypal account, it is only optional).

How secure is my online order?

Extremely secure, the primary reason for selecting PayPal is that they offer the highest level of SSL encryption technology. In fact, we do not even have access to your sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number.

Do you offer discount for multiple items purchase?

Yes, please refer to our Quantity Discounts page for details Click Here. For Wholesale discount please Click Here.

My item/items looks light, why shipping cost looks expensive?

Well, couriers consider the greater of the actual weight and the volume weight. Volume weight in kilograms is the outer dimensions in centimeters divided by 5000. That is why a light parcel may produce a relatively high volume weight. For example, a box of dimensions 12"X12"X12" (30X30X30 cm) will lead to about 5.5 kg volume weight. 

Do you combine shipping?

Yes, we do combine shipping on all orders to save you money! However, to combine shipping, multiple items should be in the same order number. In some cases, you need to contact us to adjust the shipping cost for you as our system cannot do that automatically due to the large variety in shapes and volumes of our items.

What if I am not satisfied of my purchase?

Please refer to our Return Policy page for details Click Here.

What electrical standards do you have? 110 Volt or 220 Volt?

Well, ALL of our lights will work with BOTH 110 volt and 220 volt. This voltage issue has an effect only on the cross sectional area of the wiring.

To check that deeper:

Assume that the lamp will produce 100 watt, electric power. So, to have the same power (P) in Country_A (VA = 110 voltage) and Country_B ( VB =220 voltage);

PA = PB=>> IA X VA = IB X VB >> IA / IB = 220/110 = 2 Which means that the current (I) required in country A to have the same wattage is double the Current in country B. That means that the cross sectional area of your wires should be double. So, we make our wiring according to the lower voltage.

Do you supply plugs?

Usually, we ship our electric items ready for hard-wiring install. In some cases (like table lamps) or upon request, we provide a plug. We are using here in Egypt the European standards for plugs. So, our plugs have round tips not flat as the north American plugs. If you are in north America, you can have easily a plug adapter online or from any dollar store for less than a dollar.